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Another Look

Posted by
Viewfinder (Bradenton, FL, United States) on 4 June 2009 in Animal & Insect and Portfolio.

Here's a somewhat larger cousin of that little gator I posted a couple of days ago. This one is safely ensconced in the Myakka River State Park's water system and will surely live to be a very old gator.

Can you believe some people move into Florida from inland northern places, see the gators and think they are cute? They feed them when they show up in residential waterways, lakes and ponds, and soon the gators lose their natural fear of humans. Then bad things happen... and these same people who fed them are surprised, angry, and demand the poor gator's hide for being a gator and doing what gators will do.

NIKON D80 1/400 second F/5.6 ISO 1000 300 mm

Nina from Haute Loire, France

Beautiful colors, the animal has almost the same as water reflections ...

4 Jun 2009 6:44am

tyan from Singapore, Singapore

i guess you are right,we have this same problem with frocious monkeys in reservoirs.They snatch,rummage through dustbins,steal food from children and people are demanding why they are like that.Humans started feeding them in the first place..Gators just dont look nice,do they?But you have this one really upclose!

4 Jun 2009 9:06am

Chris from South Jersey, United States

great photo of a scary beast - I love how the ripples in the water compliment the ripples on his skin.....I can't imagine thinking they are cute.....

4 Jun 2009 11:05am

willow from Chelsea, United States

Yikes! Easy to see how you could miss this guy at first glance - he blends in with the water so well. A little scary. Excellent capture.

4 Jun 2009 12:50pm

MARIANA from waterloo, Canada

wow.. this is an awesome capture !

4 Jun 2009 2:35pm

Mandy Provan from Johannesburg, South Africa

He is a beautiful gator VF. It's true what you say though....we have the same sort of problem with the vervet monkeys along our Natal coast. they really are a menace with the trash cans etc and are totally unperturbed by humans because they have become so accustomed to people feeding them. It becomes a problem when the children think they are friendly and want to play with them...only to be bitten by their razor sharp teeth.

4 Jun 2009 2:37pm

Lorraine from Gatineau, Canada

Not sure if I want to look closer Glenn, but wow lol what a photo

4 Jun 2009 5:11pm

Steven from Chicagoland, United States

Beautiful close-up with a lot of detail. It's amazing how camouflaged they look along the surface of the water.

4 Jun 2009 9:25pm

Jen from Alpharetta, United States

It would be so nice if people would just learn!!!!!
Great shot VF!

5 Jun 2009 2:58am

Barbara from Florida, United States

Great close up capturing the details, Glenn. An easy camouflage in the dark murky waters. With only an upper portion of the head and body exposed there is much more to this gator below the surface.
While I've never found them "cute" I've always been fascinated by alligators, and have long been an advocate for them. About 2 years ago I was interviewed by our local CH 10 News about a gator who had been fed by people but when it grabbed someone's dog, who the owner was carelessly walking right along the waters edge. I stood up for the gator, who suddenly was a beast of the neighborhood for doing what was natural, go after food.
Of course he was removed and destroyed because of it.
Thanks for bringing awareness to nature through your image.

5 Jun 2009 9:56am

1/400 second
ISO 1000
300 mm