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For All the Saints

Posted by
Viewfinder (Bradenton, FL, United States) on 1 November 2007 in Art & Design and Portfolio.

It's All Saints Day. A wish and a prayer, for all God's saints who have gone on to glory. And also for the rest of us (saints and sinners) still hanging around the old planet.

NIKON D80 1/125 second F/5.6 ISO 100 92 mm

e. from Washington DC, United States

Thank you for sharing Viewfinder. The simplicity really drives home the resounding and important message of peace.

1 Nov 2007 6:07am

@e.: It's about as simple as it can get. Thanks, I'm glad you like my little rock shot. Peace to you, e.

Mandy from South Africa

Thanks for sharing this wonderful image VF.....it makes one stop and think! have an awesome "Saints Day"

1 Nov 2007 6:46am

@Mandy: Thank you Mandy. Have much peace today. And blessings.

Shutterbug from Chennai, India

Peace to you too VF!

1 Nov 2007 7:35am

@Shutterbug: Thanks. And blessings to you Shutterbug.

tyan from Singapore, Singapore

this is a lovely shot dear VF.I just read on papers the other day that there will be no more fishes for consumption by the year 2050.I suppose peace will never prevail till Christ returns. Have a wonderful Saints Day:)

1 Nov 2007 9:14am

@tyan: Thank you tyan; you are a very sweet. But no fish? If we let everything we read in the paper press our anxiety buttons, then even small portions of peace will never happen, not even for a moment. I don't think the papers can tell us if fish will or won't be around. Now, should we be good stewards of the fish that are here? Yes, absolutely! Which means do not waste, do not pollute, do not over-fish the waters. Will we succeed in controling our selves? Only Christ, when he comes will determine this.

Lorraine from Gatineau, Canada

Profound, it made me take a deep, deep breath, thank you VF :)

1 Nov 2007 9:39am

@Lorraine: Wow, that's a nice compliment for this simple little rock. Thanks Lorraine, and peace to you today.

Wolfgang Prigge from Granby, Québec, Canada

I guess we deserve a little peace and quiet today after all the monsters yesterday!
P.S.: I'll be away till Nov.18 with no internet access, so I won't be able to visit your blog, but of course the granby.aminus3 blog will be running normally, also my friends from our blog will try to take over some of the communications.

1 Nov 2007 10:35am

@Wolfgang Prigge: You'll be missed, but thanks for dropping by today and for your comments. We'll all look forward to your return around the 18th. Peace and blessings to you, mon ami.

Nick Passantino from Bronx, United States

nice shot. great meaning to this one

1 Nov 2007 11:36am

@Nick Passantino: Thank you Nick. Peace to you today.

MaryB from Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Peace be with you and yours VF.
This is a link to one of my favourite hymns
a wonderful message VF

1 Nov 2007 11:38am

@MaryB: Thank you MaryB, and for sharing one of you (and my) favorite hymns; Cyberhymnal is a great site.

Me 2 from Pixel City, United States

simple and nice viewfinder ...... tyan should keep an open mind about what she reads or hears people are in the habbit of late to use scare tactics on us with OUTRAGEOUS predictions so that maybe I guess they could get their 15 minutes of fame , like the guy the other day that stole the plot to " The Time Machine " to state that humans in 1000 years will split off to two races the really good looking people and then troll like figures ...... LMAO ....

1 Nov 2007 12:24pm

@Me 2: I agree. We all should read these things with a grain of salt, as the oldies but goodies used to say. Saw that Time Machine article and... I asked myself, "Is this guy serious?" I mean, that he got one line in any reputable news journal raises questions in my mind as to how serious any such journal can be. Junk like that is definitely nothing more than ROTFLMAO material.

FC from NewYork, United States

Perfect post Viewfinder, may you find your peace here and there too. !

1 Nov 2007 12:37pm

@FC: Thanks, and also you.

Betsy Barron : www.thebetsy.com from Glenmoore, United States

something to stive for today... thanks VF!

1 Nov 2007 2:03pm

@Betsy Barron : www.thebetsy.com: Thank you Betsy. And have a very peaceful today and tomorrow.

Brian from West Lafayette, United States

Wonderful image and much appreciated words...

1 Nov 2007 2:07pm

@Brian: Thanks Brian, and many blessings to you my friend.

M.E. from Encino, United States

Peace be with you, too! This is simple and yet very effective.

1 Nov 2007 3:38pm

@M.E.: Thank you M.E. Am appreciating your kind words.

Viewfinder from Bradenton, United States

Thank you M.E. Am appreciating your kind words.

1 Nov 2007 3:41pm

Laurie from New Jersey, United States

Nice message in this.

1 Nov 2007 3:56pm

@Laurie: Thanks, I thought so too.

Rebel Streetshooter from United States

Hello VF: Seems something bizarre is happening with links to you and "Out the Door L"
Lorraines' Am3/site plus a few others. This is how it started a month ago. And then it got worse. Ergo my silence and not commenting. The load-ups of both your sites will not load up. Period. ClueLess from here??? I can more easily review sites in Singapore. I have no idea what to do other than stop visiting...again.

1 Nov 2007 4:13pm

@Rebel Streetshooter: Hi. Am glad you're taking a stab at coming back and leaving comments. I notice for about the last week, your link is not showing as "hot" which means I can't just click on your name on my site to visit; gotta go around to the member list or an old post, or else find you on the daily collection or features to get to your site. Weird that my site and Lorraine's are hard to connect with. My problems on this end occasionally continue; most times I can get onto Am3 ok; a lot of morning it seems like it crashes for a while. Especially on Friday mornings. Then it works fine. It acts like a virus, but my scanning stuff says "No!" Which makes me wonder... Hmm, could it be an internal Am3 problem, or is my virus/firewall equipt. wrong. The prob. only comes up re: Am3 -- other sites I visit each day have no problems at all. I wonder how many other Am3ers are experiencing similar problems...
UPDATE: I've posted my third post to your site tonight. At almost 11 pm, the two previous ones are gone. I had seen them onscreen today when I finished posting each one, clear as could be, and on your site. But as I said before, the first two are now gone. This third one is there right now, but for how long? Somebody is deleting them... hmm. The plot thickens. Seems somebody doesn't want 'em up there. Guess I'll just quit posting.

Walt from Scarborough, Canada

Lovely grain, and a great message for the day!

1 Nov 2007 4:48pm

@Walt: Thanks Walt. If it would only become our message and our mission. Wouldn't that be a great change from the usual... Blessings to you, my friend.

rem_la from France

il manque le " LOVE "

1 Nov 2007 5:01pm

@rem_la: Sorry but this didn't translate on BabelFish, so I'm lost as to what you said.

HorseRotorVator from Newton, United States

Very nice!...beautiful words and capture!

1 Nov 2007 8:09pm

@HorseRotorVator: Hey, thanks a lot! Peace and blessings to ya!

rem_la from villiers, France

"Peace and love", where is " love"

2 Nov 2007 12:24am

@rem_la: Oh, thanks -- perhaps those who are at peace can find that love truly resides in their hearts -- and those who can love will find that peace is the child born of that love.

Rebecca from Leicester, United Kingdom

Beautiful. Blessed peace to you and yours too, dear VF. :) (Apologies for the late late visit today. It has been a very very long day for our little household.)

2 Nov 2007 4:21am

@Rebecca: No need to apologize; busy days happen. Thank you for coming by today at all. I'm always glad to hear from you, dear friend.

Rabbit from Richmond, United States

Your capture is simple and with deep meaning.

2 Nov 2007 3:26pm

@Rabbit: Thank you Rabbit, you are very kind. Blessings dear lady.

Organik from Australia

Peace to You and Yours also VF. A very powerful photo for one that is so simple. Here's hoping it spreads worldwide in the near future. :)

RE: Trouble loading sites and posting. I've been experiencing the same on and off over the past couple of weeks. I thought it was something to do with our PC firewall or connection, perhaps it's not.

2 Nov 2007 9:50pm

@Organik: Peace, with true justice and righteous behavior among peoples and nations is a treasure. Otherwise, even "peace" can be just another word.

I don't know what the loading problem is, but I'm thinking quite a few of us are experiencing this -- wondering what Am3 itself, and our success as a community that communicates regularly with each other, may have to do with it all.

1/125 second
ISO 100
92 mm