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Posted by
Viewfinder (Bradenton, FL, United States) on 4 September 2007 in Architecture and Portfolio.

First of three Disneyworld quickies... The most familiar landmark at Epcot (the big ball) actually has an interesting star-system built right into its geometric design. I didn't realize how beautiful and perfect this design is until I later looked closer at this shot and saw stars.

Or, as only songwriter Don McLean could tell it...

Starry, starry night.
Paint your palette blue and grey,
Look out on a summer's day,
With eyes that know the darkness in my soul.
Shadows on the hills,
Sketch the trees and the daffodils,
Catch the breeze and the winter chills,
In colors on the snowy linen land.

My quest for a new DSLR is now well-settled into the Nikon constellation; I'm going after a D80.

NIKON D50 1/320 second F/4.5 70 mm

Lost Valley from British Columbia, Canada

Look at that!!! Really nice abstract capture! I never knew there were stars either!!! Oh oh now I have that song in my head and I cannot get it out!!!

Good luck with the new camera....

4 Sep 2007 5:43am

@Lost Valley: Ha-ha! Thank you. Enjoy the song (one of my all-time favorites). Besides, it would have been just "too Disney" to print the lyrics of "When You Wish Upon a Star" instead.

Shutterbug from Chennai, India

Nice! And congratulations on the D80, it's a prize!

4 Sep 2007 6:27am

@Shutterbug: Thank you... can't wait for the delivery. Got a really nice package deal.

Myst from Bologna, Italy

Great effect! Good luck!

4 Sep 2007 6:30am

@Myst: Many thanks, I appreciate your comments and good wishes.

Mandy from Johannesburg, South Africa

Intersting Shot VF!!! It's true what you say...amazing what you see when you look closer!

Good luck with getting the D80..you'll have to tell me ALL about it!! :)

4 Sep 2007 6:33am

@Mandy: Thank you Mandy. I appreciate your observations, and the good wishes. Am hoping to receive delivery by the end of this week.

tyan from Singapore, Singapore

wow fantastic,looked like a picture more than a photo!i can spend a long time just looking at it...hope you are feeling better from your loss:)

4 Sep 2007 8:46am

@tyan: Well thank you tyan. I am very pleased that you've enjoyed this one that much. I am feeling much better since the break-in. Plus, we've been busy beefing up our home security measures, which helps restore a sense of balance and a certain amount of normal control in the face of a bad situation.

Lorraine from Gatineau, Canada

A feast to the eye, love the colour combo and the shapes make it come alive! Great find VF :)

4 Sep 2007 9:28am

@Lorraine: Well thank you Lorraine. Glad you like.

Masume from Zahedan, Iran

very very great seen,maybe abstract category was better

4 Sep 2007 10:13am

@Masume: Thanks. When I posted this, I went back and forth between callint it abstract or architectural. With the actual in mind, I decided since it is a geodesic dome design (if futuristic), it wasn't an abstract. Which is why it was grouped with the architectural group. But then, viewed simply as an image, it has an abstract quality to it. So... ??? I guess it could be either. Each viewer will have to decide for themselves, and that's ok by me.
I just appreciate your coming by here today.

MaryB from Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Wow! a really cool abstract shot. This would look great on a wall, VF :)
good luck with your new cam too :)

4 Sep 2007 10:44am

@MaryB: On the wall? Wow. Thanks for that big compliment. I might decide to take you up on that suggestion.

Susan from Detroit, United States

I like this geometric design. Beautifully done!

4 Sep 2007 10:54am

@Susan: Thank you Susan, and welcome to Look Closer. Glad you dropped by today. Come back often and join the regulars. They're a great bunch of friends and also excellent photographers. The whole Am3 community is really special!

Manuela Photography from Hainburg, Germany

Great Epcot close-up! Good eye.

4 Sep 2007 11:16am

@Manuela Photography: Thanks Manuela. No cropping or processing. I owe it mostly to the lens' ability to get in close enough, and the perfect lighting conditions that particular day.

Shrig from New Jersey, United States

I never realized it either. I love the geometry used here. Really nice photo.

4 Sep 2007 12:40pm

@Shrig: Geometry is everywhere; sometimes it is easier to spot than others. This one is pretty obvious; but it is amazing how we can walk right past things like this every day and not notice. Glad you like the image today. Thanks.

Brian from United States

Good luck on the D80--it's a wonderful camera. This is a great image--I'd never realized this before. But isn't that what great photography does so well--it gives us a new perspective on the familiar.

4 Sep 2007 1:40pm

@Brian: Thanks for the good luck wishes; I am excited and waiting to get the delivery later this week. And I'm glad my photo worked for you today. You are right, photography can open up the familiar to new perspectives if we will just *ahem* Look Closer. <a shameless self-plug>

SK from Singapore, Singapore

This is nice.......I like the colours ........cool........ Never realised that I could use geometry to take photos...... Will keep my eyes peeled next time............Thanks......

4 Sep 2007 1:54pm

@SK: Thank you SK. I appreciate your comments and positive response. Yes, look for geometry all around; it's hiding out there in plain view. Our job as photographers is simply to uncover it.

Rebecca from Leicester, United Kingdom

Wow, there is poetry in this geometry, VF! :) Love the symmetry and the graduating shades of brown and beige....and such apt lines to accompany it! Superb stuff, VF. :) And imho the D80 is a real brilliant star to settle on. :) Congratulations! :-)

4 Sep 2007 2:43pm

@Rebecca: Thank you for the "WOW" Rebecca; you're a great encourager. And also thanks for the comments. Plus for the affirmation on the D80 choice I've made. Can't wait to start snapping away. Meanwhile I may go out and get a new point and shoot later today.

Tal from Canada

Wow I had no idea that there was such a pretty pattern of stars on that! Good eye to catch that!

4 Sep 2007 3:41pm

@Tal: Thanks! I appreciate your comments today.

Bob Israel from Brookfield, WI, United States

I love this image. Nicely done.

4 Sep 2007 3:50pm

@Bob Israel: Thank you most kindly, Bob. Glad for your comments.

Rabbit from Richmond, United States

Great capture! and excellent song to go with this, that was my favorite Don McLean song and i would sing it all the time as a little girl.

4 Sep 2007 4:04pm

@Rabbit: Thanks Rabbit; it's my favorite McLean song too.

Craiger from Vacaville, California, United States

A great capture! Glad to see you moving on after your loss!!! You'll have loads of fun with that D80 I'm sure!

4 Sep 2007 4:26pm

@Craiger: Thanks. I'm hoping to get the thing by Fri or Sat. and then we'll see what's next.

amy from Rocky Mountain House, Canada

Really excellent Viewfinder!! It's so amazing if you take a part of the whole how complexly simple it can be(which is somewhat of an oxymoron but it's how I see this)... Bravo!!

4 Sep 2007 4:37pm

@amy: Thank you so much, amy. It is amazing how simple this design really is when you just stop to notice.

yiannis krikis from thessaloniki, Greece

nice detail

4 Sep 2007 5:21pm

@yiannis krikis: thank you for the comment.

Rebel Szczesny from Big Apple - NYC, United States

D80? Terrific. Plus I love this image and the presentation. A+

4 Sep 2007 6:44pm

@Rebel Szczesny: Hey thanks for the nice comments on this. As for future camera -- it's gotta be a Nikon. Tried to think about a Canon over the weekend, held one in my hand but felt empty inside... like I was being unfaithful. Ran back to my beloved Nikon and will never stray again...

Shahab from Qazvin, Iran

Fantastic work!Great gradient!Beautiful geometry architecture shot!.

4 Sep 2007 8:35pm

@Shahab: Glad you like this, thanks for coming by. I've really enjoyed your color abstract series. They are beautiful, each one unique in its way.

shadebox from Budapest, Hungary

Nice abstract, I like how the details make the star/flower pattern, plus the colors are just beautiful. Cool!

4 Sep 2007 9:19pm

@shadebox: Thank you for coming by today. I appreciate your observations and comments.

Jasp from Plymouth, United Kingdom

I love that huge ball..it constantly changes colour as the sun moves around the sky, the inside is almost a disappointment compared with the exterior.

4 Sep 2007 9:28pm

@Jasp: Heh, I agree -- I like the outside way more than what's inside the thing. I could watch it for hours.

Walt from Scarborough, Canada

Very nice colour, crispness and framing of the shapes...don't know if it's just me, but I can't see the stars... :(

5 Sep 2007 1:11am

jen from Alpharetta, United States

LOVE the macro!!!
Crisp and clear!

5 Sep 2007 2:47am

Michael Keith from Toccoa, United States

Very cool design...you have captured it well. I have always wondered about photographing other's creative artwork. Nothing wrong with it, I suppose, as long as you credit the other person for their work. This is a very interesting design...it depends on how you look at it as to what you see.

5 Sep 2007 3:47am

Dave MacIntyre from Toronto, Canada

Very cool abstract shapes and colours!

5 Sep 2007 4:57am

Laurie from Lincoln, United States

Awesome shot! I love the pattern on this! Well done! =-)

5 Sep 2007 4:24pm

HorseRotorVator from Newton, United States

Great shot! It's neat that they made such an intricate design. :) I'd love to get a D80 too. cnet has a great review of it.

6 Sep 2007 1:34am

rverspirit from Mount Vernon, United States

I'm glad I don't have to lay down on this at night... ;^)

7 Sep 2007 5:28am

vasa from mountain view, United States

grt abstracty..and d80 is very good

7 Sep 2007 9:14pm

Ken McCoy from Orlando-Daytona Beach, FL, United States

I vote for architecture. The Epcot geodesic dome is based on the design by Buckminster Fuller, who proposed the more structurally sound triangle (rather than the universally used rectangle) as the basis for future architecture. Sadly, this cool-looking design has not exactly taken off in home or office building design - although I am sure those scientists in Base Camp Antarctica appreciate the low wind resistance, light weight, and ease of erection and maintenance. You've captured a great shot!

8 Sep 2007 1:01am

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