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Posted by
Viewfinder (Bradenton, FL, United States) on 1 September 2007 in Plant & Nature and Portfolio.

Looking sort of like hairy, cross-dressing pipe organ pipes (in lipstick and full make-up mode), don't be fooled by outward appearances. Tropical pitcher plants are way more than just a pretty face. Behind that lovely exterior there lurks a plant that would be quite happy to devour any and all small, unsuspecting ones that might be attracted by its colorful, fragrant display.

There's more here.

NIKON D50 1/125 second F/5.6 92 mm

Lost Valley from Kamloops, Canada

What a great macro and story!!! The lighting you have captured is outstanding...

1 Sep 2007 5:10am

@Lost Valley: Thank you LVV. Glad you like.

R from Nowhere and Everywhere, United States

LOL... I am not even going to say what is going through my mind right now !!! and that is a change for me .....lol.... very detailed shot and back story View !!

1 Sep 2007 6:01am

@R: Heh... some things may be best left unsaid. But I'm glad you enjoyed this one.

Mandy from Johannesburg, South Africa

I love your description of tis pic Viewfinder. A great pic, the lighting is awesome and the colours are so vibrant!
P.S. thanks for your comments on my blog this past week! Greatly appreciated. :)

1 Sep 2007 6:55am

@Mandy: Thank you for stopping by today Mandy. And you are welcome for the previous week's comments; I enjoy your photos and commentary with them. Today's was classic; very cute child and caption.

Myst from Bologna, Italy

Wow! Superb! Great great macro and texture!

1 Sep 2007 7:41am

@Myst: Thanks Myst; have a great Saturday.

Olaide from Fort Collins, United States

That is like the life we all live. Some outwardly beautiful things are inwardly deadly... Thoughtful image.

1 Sep 2007 8:12am

@Olaide: Thank you, O. Blessings to you.

Lorraine from Gatineau, Canada

Wow! isn't that amazing, they do look outstanding and now thanks to you, scary LOL well done VF

1 Sep 2007 8:18am

@Lorraine: Glad this is a pleaser; just don't fall into one of those lipstick tubes... heh.

badala from Leiria, Portugal

Splendid macro shot. Great detail and colors.

1 Sep 2007 9:38am

@badala: Thank you very much.

Richard_Irwin from Belper, United Kingdom

Just fabulous, the colour, detail and composition make these things look both dangerous (well to an insect at least) and very beautiful (to a human)

1 Sep 2007 10:15am

@Richard_Irwin: What if these came in jumbo, human-size? Like some of the fast food places, the plants could upsize their prey and I am sure somebody would fall for it... <groan> Thanks!

Wolfgang Prigge from Canada

Very good one! The pitcher plants in our swamps here eem to be smaller and not quite as colorful.

1 Sep 2007 10:50am

@Wolfgang Prigge: Thank you. This one was growing in a local conservatory greenhouse. The natural ones around here are quite different and less showy. They still make a living, though.

Betsy Barron : www.thebetsy.com from Glenmoore, United States

ewww....the rim of the pitcher almost looks like cherry red lips! nice shot

1 Sep 2007 11:07am

@Betsy Barron : www.thebetsy.com: Heh... maybe those cherry red lips inspired Mick Jagger and the Stones' old logo.

Walt from Scarborough, Canada

Great pic - and easily one of the scarier looking plants I've ever seen.

1 Sep 2007 11:46am

@Walt: Thanks. Imagine being at the bottom of one of those things.

Brian from West Lafayette, United States

Another absolutely stunning shot! Gorgeous color and detail; the light is just perfect.

1 Sep 2007 12:47pm

@Brian: Thank you Brian. Yours today is really cool.

jelb from France

Strange and beautiful..Well done close up..Wonderful details..bravo!

1 Sep 2007 1:17pm

@jelb: Bon jour, mon ami. Merci beaucoup.

Rebel Szczesny from Big Apple - NYC, United States

Sounds like one of my (ex) girlfriends. A lovely image none the less.

1 Sep 2007 1:32pm

@Rebel Szczesny: Did you date her too? Ha-ha!

aggie from Singapore

They do look attractive, don't they? Guess appearances can be deceptive.

1 Sep 2007 1:38pm

@aggie: It's good not to be a bug around these. Glad you came by.

SK from Singapore, Singapore

Great colours and great shot......... Think I Have heard of these plants many years ago when I was in school. Thanks to you I am seeing them for real now.............

1 Sep 2007 3:25pm

@SK: Carnivorous plants have always fascinated me -- ever since I was a kid and read Tarzan comics and there was this carnivorous palm tree in one story that swallowed people whole. Ugh! The locals treated it like a god or something.

Craiger from Vacaville, California, United States

Wow! Gorgeous shot!

1 Sep 2007 3:39pm

@Craiger: Thanks!

See The Light from Newcastle, United States

JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!! What fine detail.

1 Sep 2007 4:19pm

@See The Light: You are most kind; thank you.

tyan from Singapore, Singapore

just curious,if you put your hand in,would it snap at it?This is a really lovely shot,the pitchers at the side and the background softens and blurs...felt goosepimples after reading your commentary though!:)

1 Sep 2007 4:19pm

@tyan: No, these are totally still; the insect falls into the depth of the pitcher, can't get out, dies in there, then it digests its victim in the juice at the bottom.

Riya from Blacksburg, United States

nice capture

1 Sep 2007 4:55pm

@Riya: Appreciate your comment today. Thanks.

Paulo from Peso da Régua, Portugal

Beautiful close up! Good colour and light!

1 Sep 2007 4:59pm

@Paulo: Thank you Paulo.

Rebecca from Leicester, United Kingdom

I must say this is a masterly shot,, VF! Crisp and clear capture, outstanding colour contrast, amazing fine detail, and wonderfully informative albeit (shudder) rather spine-chilling narrative. Good warning for all of us, though! Certainly wouldn't want Elise falling into a giant version of one of those! *)

1 Sep 2007 5:20pm

@Rebecca: I appreciate your interaction with today's photo, Rebecca. And for the positive words of encouragement you gave me for this one.

Thankfully there are no giant versions of pitcher plants (that I know of) for Elise or anyone to fall into. We can be glad our good Creator did see fit to spare us that particular worry...

jen from Alpharetta, United States

Great colors, great framing and composition!!!

1 Sep 2007 8:57pm

@jen: Merci beaucoup, m'lady. Thanks Jen, for stopping by.

Stunner from Kingston, Jamaica

Fantastic macro! Wonderfully framed and lovely colours.

1 Sep 2007 11:58pm

@Stunner: Your words of encouragement are most appreciated, Stunner. Thank you for coming over.

lasiate from Philippines

les bourdons ne doivent pas résister à ces lèvres pulpeuses

2 Sep 2007 12:12am

@lasiate: les bourdons ne doivent pas résister à ces lèvres pulpeuses*
*babelfish.com online translation: "the bumblebees should not resist these pulpy lips..."

Lol. Ah, friend lasiate, but those bumblebees who kiss those red, pulpy lips will surely die. But thanks, merci! for getting into the spirit of this photo and my narration text.

bronzebilly u.k. from cardiff, United Kingdom

great result this one VF--great explanation--so I'll try to avoid the beastie--although we don't get many of these in the Welsh valleys;-))--billy

2 Sep 2007 12:19am

@bronzebilly u.k.: Umm, even these red-lipped clovers have their culinary standards -- not sure they could digest a Welshman named Billy... burp! Ha-Ha! Just kidding. Thank you Billy for the nice commentary. Have a great Sunday!

LuisRodrigues from Lisbon, Portugal

Nice detail excelent photo!

2 Sep 2007 2:15am

@LuisRodrigues: Thank you, Luis.

1/125 second
92 mm