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Round and Round

Posted by
Viewfinder (Bradenton, FL, United States) on 16 August 2007 in Abstract & Conceptual and Portfolio.

"Blessed is he who talks in circles, for he shall become a big wheel." --Frank Dane

Here's something you don't see every day, and yet you do. Just not like this. Does anyone know what this is made of? Or what its purpose is? Does anybody care? Anybody...?

NIKON D50 1/50 second F/5.6 92 mm

{H} creatives from Santa Clara, United States

Hi there, friend! It's good to be back. One interesting pattern here...but unfortunately I have no idea what it is...beautiful pattern nonetheless! Nicely captured, Viewfinder. Cheers! B-)

16 Aug 2007 6:41am

@{H} creatives: Good to have you back. I explain what it is a couple of comments from here.

ColNed Pictures from Amersfoort, Netherlands

uuhh a role of paperboard...(not sure if it's the right word...)
But I love the shot, great idea !

16 Aug 2007 6:50am

@ColNed Pictures: You got it. It's actually a flat disk of corrugated cardboard, used for a special purpose.

Bron from Canberra, Australia

We care Viewfinder! It looks like card with corrugation on one side - love the shot!!

16 Aug 2007 7:12am

@Bron: Thanks for caring Bron. You got it right my friend.

tyan from Singapore

looks like a coaster to me dude! this is a very creative shot!:)

16 Aug 2007 7:32am

@tyan: Not a coaster, but the general idea is right. Just bigger.

Vanessa from Kent, United Kingdom

A place mat or corrigated carboard/paper for packing. Even still its a fab shot

16 Aug 2007 8:18am

@Vanessa: Glad you like. Not a place mat, but a scratching mat for cats. Good try.

Craiger from Vacaville, California, United States

It looks like 32lb, C-flute, corrugated fiber board to me. But, what do I know! Great shot!

16 Aug 2007 10:03am

Viewfinder from Bradenton, United States

Hey, y'all are great guessers! It is cardboard, it's my daughter's cat scratching pad. It fits inside a larger molded plastic disk (about 18 inches in diameter, 1.5 inches deep) that has a track around it; a ball fits into the track. The cats go nuts chasing the ball around the circular track and when they can't stand it anymore, they sharpen their claws on the corrugated cardboard disk.

16 Aug 2007 10:27am

celialee from Kyoto, Japan

Looks like I can give up trying to guess! Haha....Nice shot!

16 Aug 2007 10:32am

@celialee: No, you can still try guessing. It's just that unless you guess a cat scratching pad, you'd be wrong. Ha-ha!

eureka from Boston, United States

i really like the caption. i think this is cardboard paper wrapped up in a coil. i've had to use it on quite a few occasions. it's not like.. the hard cardboard stuff, but more the stuff to protect things. i'm not very good at explaining. let me know if i got it right! :)

16 Aug 2007 11:29am

@eureka: Heh, thanks for coming by. Very close guess. Did you see my explanation a couple of comments up?

eureka from Boston, United States

oh oops, i just realized that people had already guessed it. haha. i'm brillant.

16 Aug 2007 11:30am

@eureka: LOL, it's ok.

Lorraine from Canada

I tell you it's hypnotizing, 'cause I swear I see a cig. and smoke rising from the middle...I thought it was a cotton weave or some such thing LOL Well done!

16 Aug 2007 11:37am

@Lorraine: Laughing. I'm enjoying peoples' reactions to this. Yours is fun. Thank you Lorraine, for commenting and guessing (and for being hypnotized). :-D

Betsy Barron : www.thebetsy.com from Glenmoore, United States

nice abstract.. love the circular pattern!

16 Aug 2007 11:53am

@Betsy Barron : www.thebetsy.com: thanks BB.

Rebecca from Leicester, United Kingdom

hahaha :) LOL...(my laughs are going round and round too :O) ...This is absolutely hilarious, VF, and most ingenious.
(And I'm so relieved I don't have to guess! phew. *) )

16 Aug 2007 12:21pm

@Rebecca: You're making me gladder than ever that I posted this image today. Thanks Rebecca, and blessings.

LuisRodrigues from Lisbon, Portugal

Nice detail...! Great photo!

16 Aug 2007 12:38pm

@LuisRodrigues: Many thanks Luis. Happy day to you.

Jen from Alpharetta, United States

Some kind of packing cardboard?
Great shot...love the curved lines!!

16 Aug 2007 2:07pm

@Jen: Thanks Jen. Scroll up a few comments and see the mystery is already revealed.

Dawn Sutherland from Phoenix, United States

Very creative shot!! I guessed it was some sort of cardboard which it seems that is what it is but you gave the mundane new life!

16 Aug 2007 2:22pm

@Dawn Sutherland: Lol. That's me -- Mr. Mundane himself. Ask my kids.

Jen from Alpharetta, United States

Ahhhh now I got it!
I had one of those things a year or so ago, but my cats scratched it so much it made a horrible mess so we tossed it. ; )

16 Aug 2007 2:33pm

@Jen: :-D Cats certainly do their share of making messes, pound for pound.

The Frame from Visakhapatnam, India

Very Nice. You have a good eye.

16 Aug 2007 2:33pm

@The Frame: You are very kind; thank you.

Oddiy from Paris, France

Impressive pix! Great, great shot!

16 Aug 2007 2:53pm

@Oddiy: Your high marks on this one are appreciated much.

Rabbit from Richmond, United States

mmmmm - wonderful TEXTURE

16 Aug 2007 3:03pm

@Rabbit: I'm smiling with appreciation. Thank you.

Johnny Soedomo from United States

it's making me dizzy :) nice shot

16 Aug 2007 4:22pm

@Johnny Soedomo: Then grab 'hold of something and hang on. Heh... Thanks!

Jason Kravitz from Brussels, Belgium

from the thumbnail, I thought this was the center of a sunflower in B&W
it makes a nice optical illusion

16 Aug 2007 5:09pm

@Jason Kravitz: Thanks Jason.

Laurie from Lincoln, United States

Cool! I like the pattern. I thought some kind of paper product, but I didn't know what. Great eye!

16 Aug 2007 5:12pm

@Laurie: Glad you like, Laurie.

Rahul from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This is an awesome abstract pal, fantastic work.

16 Aug 2007 5:38pm

@Rahul: Wow, you are just too kind Rahul, my pal.

Anne from White Rock, BC Canada, Canada

Very Creative Idea For A Shot! At first glance I thought it was a raffia or cord table mat. But the others set me straight :-)

16 Aug 2007 7:43pm

@Anne: Thank you Anne; I am glad it wasn't too easy to figure out at first glance.

MaryB from Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Something so simple, makes a wonderful pattern and a great abstract shot
and cats love it too, a multi functional piece of art VF, well spotted :)

16 Aug 2007 7:48pm

@MaryB: If I printed it out and hung it on the wall though, do you think the cats might decide to resume their clawing activities on the photo? lol...

Dylan from Delhi, United States

neat shot. The effect of the pattern on your eyes is very cool, although I don't think I could look at it for too long at one time :]

16 Aug 2007 7:49pm

@Dylan: In real life, it is a cardboard drab and not at all hard to look at. Something about being photographed seems to give the more appearance of spiraling movement.

Ian Bramham from Manchester, United Kingdom

very unusual and adventurous - I liked it a lot!

16 Aug 2007 8:54pm

@Ian Bramham: Actually it was sitting in my garage. But thanks! I'll take "adventurous" on this one. ;-)

Markus from Reading, United Kingdom

Nice shot of double walled cardboard, quite inspirational to take a different viewpoint (no pun intended, Lol) of ordinary things!

16 Aug 2007 10:27pm

@Markus: What's that song from Les Miserables about what the little people can do? I guess that applies to ordinary things too. Glad this image is inspirational for you, friend.

bronzebilly u.k. from cardiff, United Kingdom

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz oi wake up!!--oops sorry pal--this shot is so mesmerising and hypnotic I was floating away pal;-))--great concept--billy

16 Aug 2007 11:16pm

@bronzebilly u.k.: Funny guy. Thanks for the affirmatives, mon ami. I like that ghost buster special over at your place tonight.

RoBeRt from cAnDyLaNd, United States

great find View .... well done !

17 Aug 2007 1:47am

@RoBeRt: gracias, amigo RoBeRt...

M.E. from Encino, United States

dizzying, hypnotic, so unique! i like it!

17 Aug 2007 3:56am

@M.E.: Thanks, I'm glad you stopped over...

Daniel from Olympia, United States

interesting pattern!

17 Aug 2007 4:30am

@Daniel: Thanks. It does go in circles, eh?

stijn from brugge, Belgium

cool effect ... nice shot

18 Aug 2007 4:19pm

@stijn: Thanks much. Sorry to be so late in catching up to your very nice comment. I appreciate your coming by, and hope you'll return often.

shadebox from Budapest, Hungary

Viewfinder, this is really cool

24 Aug 2007 9:59pm

@shadebox: Thank you very much, Shadebox. You are most kind. Welcome and please come back often.

1/50 second
92 mm