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Sky Scraper BW

Posted by
Viewfinder (Bradenton, FL, United States) on 9 August 2007 in Landscape & Rural and Portfolio.

Let children walk with Nature, let them see the beautiful blendings and communions of death and life, their joyous inseparable unity, as taught in woods and meadows, plains and mountains and streams of our blessed star, and they will learn that death is stingless indeed, and as beautiful as life.
~John Muir

But this dead tree's branched fingers seem to want to scrape at the sky in defiance of its previous demise.

NIKON D50 1/160 second F/6.3 28 mm

Rahul from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Fantastic shot pal, i love your framing and processing here. Wonderful!!!!

9 Aug 2007 6:04am

@Rahul: Once again, you are a great encourager. Thank you, Rahul.

Cathie et Michel from Paris, France

a simple and pleasant photograph

9 Aug 2007 6:49am

@Cathie et Michel: many thanks for your kind words.

ColNed Pictures from Amersfoort, Netherlands

Nice shot great processing.... good job.

9 Aug 2007 6:54am

@ColNed Pictures: Thank you ColNed.

Craiger from Vacaville, California, United States

Great title for this one!

9 Aug 2007 7:13am

@Craiger: Glad you like the title; naming them is half the fun. Thanks.

Inés from Namur, Belgium

Simple shot, but whit a lot story to tell !

9 Aug 2007 7:30am

@Inés: Merci, Ines.

JED from Buettelborn, Germany

good capture, very graphic and b/w suits it very well

9 Aug 2007 8:42am

@JED: I appreciate your comment today.

HorseRotorVator from Newton, United States

It looks like the wind blew the branches to one side. or the rotation of the earth spinning made it point to the left. Cool shot! :)

9 Aug 2007 9:42am

@HorseRotorVator: Thanks. I like your analysis of the branches direction; this tree was growing along the coast. I think it was the prevailing offshore winds and breezes that bent it in the general direction of "away" from the shore.

Shahab from Qazvin, Iran

So simple & so beautiful!Love it!

9 Aug 2007 11:00am

@Shahab: Thanks, Shahab.

Rebel Streetshooter from Big Apple, United States

Beautifully presented.

9 Aug 2007 11:39am

@Rebel Streetshooter: Muchas gracias, mi amigo. I appreciate your dropping by anytime. And here's a shameless plug for your site today; the Bayou Homestead image is superior.

Mingo from Sant Boi, Spain

Sensacional captura. Muy buena imagen. Saludos!

9 Aug 2007 12:21pm

@Mingo: Gracias, mi amigo.

Josh from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Nicely done! Very good description too.

9 Aug 2007 12:31pm

@Josh: Thank you Josh; glad you like this.

Rebecca from Leicester, United Kingdom

simple but stunning. beautiful quote too! thank you for sharing.

9 Aug 2007 12:34pm

@Rebecca: Thank you for the nice things you say; I'm happy you also like the quote.

Lorraine from Canada

It's making its way back home, reaching for the light. This is beautiful...

9 Aug 2007 12:40pm

@Lorraine: Good thoughts. Thank you, Lorraine.

MaryB from Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Wow! so simple but so very beautiful!

9 Aug 2007 1:48pm

@MaryB: It always feel extra good when somebody gives me a "Wow!" Thank you for this today, MaryB.

Josh from New York, United States

This shot is so moody. I love the loneliness of the frame.

9 Aug 2007 2:01pm

@Josh: Yes, moody. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. Although this was captured in July, I felt the BW processing gives the sky a kind of stark, wintry look. Reminds me of Simon & Garfunkel's "A Hazy Shade of Winter" long ago song.

alla from Toronto, Canada

Simple and beautiful! I like the tones here.

9 Aug 2007 2:24pm

@alla: Merci. I appreciate your compliment.

Alfredo J. Martiz J. from Tokyo, Japan

Simple and beautiful!

9 Aug 2007 2:58pm

@Alfredo J. Martiz J.: Thank you, Alfredo.

Jen from Alpharetta, United States


9 Aug 2007 2:59pm

@Jen: Wow -- thank you, Jen.

Shrig from United States

This has such raw emotion to it. The b&w adds more feeling to it. I like it very much. Simple but powerful.

9 Aug 2007 3:23pm

@Shrig: Very nice response to this image; thank you Shrig. I am pleased that you like it.

Nadine from Montréal, Canada

Nice shades.

9 Aug 2007 3:36pm

@Nadine: Merci, Nadine.

Ken McCoy from Orlando-Daytona Beach, FL, United States

I like the way you've framed it - b/w is perfectly appropriate.

9 Aug 2007 3:57pm

@Ken McCoy: Always glad to hear from you Ken. Thanks much for your feedback, as always. :-)

tyan from Singapore

hi!It's moody but i dont know it looks to me like dancers lifting their faces to the sky:)

9 Aug 2007 5:05pm

@tyan: What a great way to describe this! Dancers! Thank you tyan.

alex from United States

WELL DONE........

9 Aug 2007 5:34pm

@alex: Thanks; I liked today's image at your site. What were we thinking? Better yet, what is that gull thinking? ;-)

Saed from Mashhad, Iran

So simple, So great...

9 Aug 2007 8:08pm

@Saed: Thank you Saed. I've been unable to connect with your site from here today so far; computer error message or something. Hope all is well.

zoloper from Bucuresti, Romania

beautifull , yet sad for the tree :) . the clouds are a nice touch to this pic.
one tune you could have done to improve the drama: darken the bottom half of the pic so the clouds were more threatening :D

9 Aug 2007 8:31pm

@zoloper: Really good suggestion. Thanks. :)

autem from Helsinki, Finland

this is a proud photo. congratulations!

9 Aug 2007 9:11pm

@autem: You are kind; thank you autem.

alex from United States

u need to look at my last upload............great image...where is the seagull..lol

9 Aug 2007 9:20pm

@alex: Alex, I did -- and I am wondering about which tree that seagull on your site really likes best. Heh.

Lost Valley from Kamloops, Canada

eerily awesome...

9 Aug 2007 9:46pm

@Lost Valley: I like your description of this. Thank you, LV.

Ryan from New York, United States

i like the black and white, makes this mysterious looking tree even more mysterious...nice work

9 Aug 2007 11:29pm

@Ryan: Yes, I guess this is a bit of a mystery tree at that. Many thanks for the nice compliment.

Raye Michele from Halifax, Canada

beautiful image ... and judging from the comments is has resonated with many others as well ... good work!

10 Aug 2007 12:38am

@Raye Michele: Thank you RM. The AM3 community at large is a very encouraging lot; I have appreciated all the help and insight and encouragement each has provided. And you are one of those for me today. Again, accept my thanks for coming by and commenting. :-)

Rags from Plano, United States


10 Aug 2007 12:44am

@Rags: Thank you Rags. Blessings to you.

Bumble from United Kingdom

that a nice tree.
reminds me of something out of a Tim Burton masterpiece.
well done.

10 Aug 2007 1:58am

@Bumble: Wow. You do my pic a great honor to compare it to Tim Burton's work. Thank you very much for that kind of comparison.

M.E. from Encino, United States

what a mysterious picture and what a lovely post, too!

10 Aug 2007 2:26am

@M.E.: I am happy this image evoked a feel of both mystery and beauty; they are both intertwined. Thank you.

bronzebilly u.k. from cardiff, United Kingdom

hey VF--great title--great narrative--oh and b.t.w.--great shot!!--billy

10 Aug 2007 10:41am

Eric from Concord, United States

sometimes simplicity achieves perfection

25 Aug 2007 4:10am

1/160 second
28 mm